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The Elliot Health System
Elliot Hospital, a leader in healthcare, is dedicated to providing its community with excellent services
offered with dignity, care, and respect.
We Affirm the Following Beliefs:
Concern and respect for the dignity of every person.
Appreciation for and cooperation among the board of trustees,medical staff, administration, employees, and volunteers.
Recognition that resources must be used prudently and effectively.
Integration of exemplary healthcare with community resources.
Nurturing of financial stability and strength.
Governance of all relationships with integrity and openness.

Dr. DAniel Rosenbaum “Elliot Physician Network has been a place where my role is to care for the patients. Nothing more, nothing less. Their dedication and support in Patient Care has placed me on the frontier of developing and delivering healthcare for the 21st century. Elliot has
been my first, and I hope my last, place to
be a doctor.”
Dr. Daniel Rosenbaum
Family Medicine