Circle of Giving

Circle of Giving

Vision, leadership, and commitment for the best possible care

Within the Elliot Hospital Associates, the circle of giving starts with funds raised by the organization every year. There are a variety of programs, services, activities, and events that together result in funds that are then used to support the mission of the Elliot Health System.

How You are Supporting the Work of the Associates

You are supporting the work of the Associates each time you:

  • Make a purchase at the Elliot gift shop
  • Get a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts
  • Buy a NH lottery ticket from the vending machine in the Main Lobby
  • Buy a soda from the vending machines located on several levels of the hospital
  • In 2021, the dollars raised by these services supported the development of the new regional cancer center. This center brings radiation treatment and medical oncology under one roof, with specialists housed together, planning care of each cancer patient.

In addition, each time a family of a baby born at the Elliot uses the portrait service on Maternity, the Associates receive a contribution from the photographer. Those contributions are then used to gift a sleep sack to each baby born at the Elliot to help insure safe sleep.

When you think about that cup of coffee or a gift shop purchase, know that your support is vital to enhancing the care the Elliot is able to provide patients each and every day.

This is the circle of giving. Thank you for all you do.