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Wellness Center

Community Health & Wellness

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Lectures available in either one hour or half hour increments.

Osteoporosis Education

Am I at Risk? - Risk Factor Awareness Talking to Your Doctor About Bone Density Testing

Cholesterol Education

The Good (HDL), The Bad (LDL), and the Ugly (Fats) - Learn about cholesterol and how you can control your risk of coronary artery disease (cholesterol screenings available).

Healthy Heart and Lungs (Numerous Lectures)

Loving Your Heart - Learn the risk factors and identify those you can change.

Fighting Heart Disease – Treatments for Triumph

Back Care Program

Interactive Lecture

Back At Work – Fit For Work Learn the importance of abdominal strength, hamstring flexibility, good posture, and proper lifting techniques while caring for your back.

Back Safety and Body Preparedness - Following the OSHA Guidelines, Working Well can assess ergonomics at the workplace including workstation set-up and proper lifting techniques to name a few. Learn the importance of having your workstation “work” for you, not you for your workstation.

Cancer Awareness

The Sun, UV Rays and You – The sun’s damaging UV Rays can affect us year round. The Working Well Staff in conjunction with the American Cancer Society can provide your workplace with this powerful lecture and a skin cancer awareness screening. This program is ideal for “outdoor-industrial athletes.”

What About Me? - Learn the cancer risk factors and how you can modify your risk.

Cancer theory(ies) – What we know, what you can do about it.

Bloodborne Pathogens

National Safety Council Bloodborne Pathogens Program is consistent with current OSHA recommendations. (Not available in half-hour session).

Diabetes Education

It Could Happen To You - Learn to improve your diabetes I.Q., minimizing your risk, managing your disease (Paired well with glucose screenings).


Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type (F.I.T.T- ing in Exercise) - Fitting Fitness Into Your Life - Learn the short- and long-term benefits of being fit and ways to incorporate fitness into your already busy lifestyle, hourly sessions only.

Anatomy of a Workout – Getting Started, Staying Motivated - Let’s face it, starting an exercise routine has more to do with a lack of motivation then a lack of information. This fun and interactive lecture is geared toward helping individuals get started and stay motivated toward exercise.

Functional Fitness - Learn how to train the body for real-life activities and positions.

General Nutrition

You Are What You Eat - Learn healthy eating habits, the right foods for you, how to shop at the market, and how to read food labels.

High Protein Diets – Controversy, Facts and Fiction

“Bone” Appetite – Learn the connection between healthy eating, exercise and healthy bones (bone mineral density testing is available).

Proper Hydration

You Are What You Drink – This program is designed to teach the importance of proper hydration for the industrial athlete.

Women's/Men's Health Issues

Numerous Lectures

Taking Care of You - Breast cancer, heart disease, menopause and prostate health.

Take Care of Your Health Like You Take Care of Your Car – Specific to men’s health

Hand Washing Screening and Lecture with Glow Germ© - This interactive session gives a visual demonstration to show when improper cleaning or hand washing has taken place. It is also used to demonstrate contamination and transmission of germs.

Smoking Intervention

45 minutes

When You Can’t Light Up - Techniques to help smokers cope in a smoking restricted environment.

Freedom from Smoking Program– American Lung Association’s 7 Session Quit Smoking Program

Stress Management

Lightening Your Load - Learn tips on coping with stress, what to do when stressed and practice relaxation techniques.

Simplify Your Life – Time is of the essence, learn how to manage it.

Sandwich Generation - Designed to help participants caught between work, while raising a family and taking care of aging parents, AND regaining balance in his/her life.