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Diagnostic Imaging

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Nuclear Medicine

Bone Scan

Bone scans are designed to exam the bone structure of the body. Unlike a CAT scan or MRI, we can see if there are any active processes going on within the body.

The Scan
Two appointments are needed for this exam.
The patient should arrive at the radiology desk at the time specified by the doctor’s office.

  1. We will inject the patient through an arm vein with a small amount of radioactive substance. This is extremely safe. The substance needs to circulate around the body over a 2-3 hour period.
  2. The patient will be scheduled to return for the whole-body scan, which should take about 45 minutes.
  3. Once the scan is completed, the radiologist reviews the scan and decides whether x-rays need to be made.

Patient Preparation
There is no prep for this exam.
On occasion, your physician may schedule more than the bone scan on the day you come in.

There is no risk of reaction from the injection. It is not a dye like the CAT scan or MRI Departments use. It is a solution tagged with a small amount of radioactivity that will go to the bone structure.

Nuclear Medicine procedures are very safe. The radioactive material is cleared quickly by the body.. The whole body radiation dose is about what a patient receives from regular x-rays.

It may be helpful in some cases to bring along previous x-rays or MRI’s on the day you come in.

It will generally take 2-3 days for your physician to receive the report from the hospital

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