Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.

Elliot Hospital Associates

How to Get Involved:

The Elliot Hospital Associates has groups of women and men who get involved in activates that they enjoy and that enhance the mission of the Associates. For example, the Voluntaires is a singing group of 40+ singers who enrich the lives of many through music. The Sewing Ladies sew special lovingly-made products that enhance the patient experiences of all ages. Other members volunteer their services during a specific event or fund-raiser. This page highlights individual projects and activities as examples of the ways that the Associates contribute to patient care at the Elliot Hospital.


The Voluntaires: Spreading Joy though Song

Do you love to sing? Would you like to join us?

The Voluntaires are a singing group of the Elliot Hospital Associates. We are 40 singers whose voices in chorus spread cheer as an outreach of the Elliot Hospital. Rob Dionne is the chorus director and Ruta Daugela is the accompanist.

The main purpose of this singing group is to bring cheer, joy and happiness through music. Our singing group goes to nursing homes and assisted living communities in the greater Manchester area. We also perform at a couple of community events throughout the year.

Rehearsal is every Tuesday with performances two or more times a month, September thru May.

Our final program of the year takes place Friday, May 11 at 2pm. This program is supported by the AARP and takes place at the Massabesic Audubon Center in Auburn NH.  It is open to the public, so come join us for this joyful event!

Our singing calendar suspends for the Summer months. We will be back in full “Sing” In September!

To join the Voluntaires, become a member of the Elliot Hospital Associates. Go to the link on the Membership section of the Associates, and indicate on the form that you are interested in singing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sue O’Shaughnessy,
Voluntaires Representative to the Elliot Hospital Associates


The Sewing Ladies latest project:
The Sewing Ladies of the Elliot Hospital Associates make contributions to the patient experience at Elliot Hospital is ways both large and small. Large like the clothing protectors made for the patients of the Geropsychiatric Unit (GPU) and small like the tiny eye protection worn by the babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

This article is about clothing on the GPU:

With the donation of many colors and printed fabrics, women's lace and men's ties, the Sewing Ladies create clothing protectors for the fashion fancy of each patient on the GPU.

Why have this clothing be drab and utilitarian? Why not be fashionable, fanciful, and fun? That is what the Sewing Ladies set out to do and they have succeeded in amazing ways.

Led by Diane Valade and Gail Cherochak, these 12 women come to the Elliot Hospital Volunteer Department, where sewing machines are ready for their daily use.

They design and create each item with loving care, proud of their creativity and contribution to care at the Elliot. Meghan Baston, the Director of Behavioral Health Services at the Elliot expresses the extent of the contribution this way, " These clothing protectors help the men and women of the GPU to interact during the very social and interactive times of community meals in a way that is respectful and dignified. Each person is special and unique, and they can express this through the clothing protector they choose. This is so important."

The clothing protectors fit adults of all sizes, integrate ties, lace and fabrics into unique designs. They are important in helping patients keep their own clothing clean, while adding a sense of style and purpose. This donation of time, creativity and sewing expertise is a significant contribution to care of patients on the GPU.

In our next article, we will highlight the tiny protections and other small items for the little patients of the NICU.

The Elliot Associates Sewing Ladies always appreciates your donations of fabric, thread, lace, men's ties ( both straight and bow ties!) and other sewing supplies. If you have fabric or supplies to donate, please bring them to the Volunteer office or call 663-2298, to arrange a time for drop- off. You will be amazed to see what this group of talented women creates with your donations!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sewing Ladies of the Elliot Associates, please complete an application on-line. The application to become as Associate is on this web page. We will be in touch with you!