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Elliot Sleep Evaluation Center at Homewood Suites

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Consultation with Our Sleep Specialists

Through the consultation with specialists in sleep medicine and the use of specialized sleep tests, the specific causes of these sleep problems can be identified and the appropriate treatment can be started. The Elliot Sleep Evaluation Center has sleep specialists with expertise in adult and pediatric sleep disorders.

Sleep Laboratory Testing:
If the patient requires sleep laboratory testing as part of their diagnostic evaluation, a sleep study is scheduled for a later date. Sleep studies require spending one to two nights in our state-of-the-art sleep laboratory, which is equipped with the most advanced equipment in the field. Patients stay in large, comfortable, private rooms overlooking the hills of Manchester, New Hampshire. While you sleep, an experienced sleep technologist records information about your sleep. During the test, continuous recordings are made of the brain waves, heart beat, movements, breathing, and blood oxygen. All of these procedures are noninvasive and cause
no discomfort.

Sometimes, an additional daytime test is needed to measure daytime sleepiness. This daytime test is called a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT). During the MSLT, the patient will nap at regular intervals during the day. As in the night studies, continuous recordings are made of the patient's sleeping, breathing, and heart rate patterns. The MSLT documents excessive daytime sleepiness and can aid in the diagnosis of sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep/wake cycle disorders, etc. A board-certified sleep specialist prepares a report from the information gathered from the test.

Treatment and Follow-up:
Results of the diagnostic tests are reviewed by the treatment team and a diagnosis is made. The patients will return to the Center for a completion evaluation. The diagnosis is discussed with the patient, and treatment recommendations are made. It the patient is self-referred, treatment may be started by the Center staff at that time. If the patient is referred by their own physician, a detailed letter is sent to the physician with a review of the test results, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

Any individual with a sleep complaint can be seen at the Center. Many patients are referred by their physicians, but self-referrals are also accepted. The referring individual should call the Center to schedule an appointment. The first appointment will be an office visit which includes an interview with a sleep-specialist and a brief physical exam. During the visit, a decision will made if a formal sleep study is needed.

For further information about sleep disorders or to schedule an appointment, call The Elliot Sleep Evaluation Center at 603-663-6680.