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Lung Cancer Screening

For more information, please call 603-663-1833.

Is Lung Cancer Screening Right For You?

Our program criteria ensures that the benefit of lung cancer screening outweighs the risk by only screening those that are considered high risk by the United States Preventative Services Task Force:

  • Age 55 to 76 (screening eligibility ends when patients turn 77) and
  • Current smoker or Smoking quit date in the last 15 years and
  • Smoking pack years 30+ and
  • No current symptoms

Our comprehensive program will provide our high risk patients with:

  • Counseling and information on the risks and benefits of lung screening to determine if its right for you
  • Seamless transition to our highly skilled thoracic radiologists, surgeons, pulmonologists and oncologists should the need arise
  • Coordination of your follow-up screenings and specialist referrals
  • Support and guidance to help you quit smoking or stay quit

We recommend talking with your doctor about your own risk factors and the possible benefits and harms of being screened for lung cancer. Like many other medical decisions, the decision to be screened is a personal one. Your decision may be easier after learning the pros and cons of screening.

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