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New Billing Statement Vendor FAQs

Elliot Health System is changing the company that sends billing statements to patients and answers questions about those bills. Below are some Questions with Answers to help explain the transition.

When is this change effective?
During the week of March 4th, you will start seeing the new billing statements.

Why are we making this change?
We are trying to improve the delivery of billing information for our patients in order to enhance overall patient satisfaction.

What will be different?
You will now receive separate statements for services provided by our different entities. That means if you received services at the hospital and one of our Elliot physicians, you will receive two separate statements; one for the hospital services and one for the professional services rendered by the provider. A good example is if you were seen in the Emergency Department, you will receive one statement with the hospital charges and a separate statement for the professional services.

Does that mean I will be charged more?
No, it means the services will be clearly outlined on separate statements so you can easily identify bills for the hospital and for professional services. The total amount will remain the same.

Will I be receiving bills from the former and new company?
You may receive bills from the former company for services provided prior to this transition. There will not be duplicate bills for the same service, however if you receive a bill in the previous format for services rendered prior to March 4, 2019, it must be paid. For all services rendered after March 4, 2019, bills will only appear in the new format.

How will I know which company to contact to make payments?
All statements, new and old, will have the correct contact information for payment; whether by phone, mail or online. If you pay online, the Elliot Health System website clearly displays the new and old statement formats for you to choose when making payments. A simple click will get you to the correct payment site.

Where should I call if I have questions about my bill?
All statements have a phone number listed for questions and/or payments. Use the phone number on the statement.

If I contact the new company to make a payment on a new bill, can I also make a payment on an old bill?
No, the new company will take payments only for services that you see in the new billing format as displayed on the Elliot website.