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In order to reach the Radiation Oncologist at night, on holidays, or weekends call (603) 663-1800 and ask the operator to contact the Radiation Oncologist on call.

Radiation Oncology

Treatment Experience

During your first visit to our department you will see a Radiation Oncologist (physician), who will obtain a complete history and perform a physical examination. A second appointment may be needed for treatment planning (simulation). This involves taking some regular x-rays in order to accurately plan the area to be treated. It may not be until your third appointment, therefore, that you will receive your first treatment. (In emergency cases, however; patients may be treated during their first or second visit.)

The treatment itself is painless. You will be required to lie completely still during treatment; however, this should not be uncomfortable, since the treatment rarely takes more than a few minutes. You will be alone in the room while you are receiving the radiation, but the technologist can see you on a TV monitor/screen and can hear you through an intercom.

Treatments are usually given each day of the week, on Monday through Friday. In most cases, you will be treated at the same time every day. Occasionally, scheduling conflicts arise and your appointment time may have to be changed or delayed.

The Radiation Oncologist will meet with you weekly while you are on treatment. This will be done immediately after your radiation treatment. The nurse is available daily for any concerns you may have.

During the course of Radiation Therapy it is important that you try to eat a well-balanced diet and plan for adequate rest. In many cases your level of daily activity does not have to be restricted. However, you should ask your physician or nurse about any restrictions which might apply to you.

No two people are exactly alike: it is important to remember that no two cancers or treatment plans are exactly a like either. The experience of other patients may not apply to you. Your doctor and your nurse know you as an individual. They can provide you with the best answers to your questions or concerns.