For more than 132 years we have proudly worked to support the healthcare needs of the community and specifically have dedicated our efforts to support healthcare advancements of Elliot Hospital throughout our history.

Our Mission

The Elliot Hospital Associates lives the mission of our organization with innovation, energy, and resilience. We adapt to the challenges of our time through a commitment to teamwork and communication.

Engaging and informing our membership is key to our success. We also inform our members and EHS employees through the Inside Report, a monthly publication on the Elliot Hospital intranet called IKE (Inside Knowledge at the Elliot).

EHA 2023 Year In Review [PDF]


Because we care, the Elliot Hospital Associates strive to:

  • Support a warm and caring atmosphere within the hospital for patients and families
  • Manage the funds entrusted to the Associates to help Elliot Hospital care for the ill and needy, and to add to these funds whenever possible for the benefit of all
  • Collaborate with the staff and administration for the hospital to provide both needed services and a link to the community we serve
  • Provide opportunities for our volunteers to serve and grow within the Elliot Health System community
  • We resolve to preserve our rich history and grow within the framework of an ever-changing environment.

About Us

The Elliot Hospital Associates has rich history going back to the start of Elliot Hospital. We have proudly worked to support the healthcare needs of the community and specifically have dedicated our efforts to support healthcare advancements throughout our history.

The Elliot Hospital Associates has grown as a nonprofit organization, hosting events and raising funds to support care excellence for the people of the greater Manchester community.

While adapting to a world that includes the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded of our history of care through national and worldwide events. Through the 1918 flu, the polio epidemic, weather events, and historical traumas, Elliot Hospital has provided local and regional healthcare leadership and compassionate care. Elliot Hospital Associates has hosted events and raised funds to support this care.

Though we give generously to highly visible centers of excellence, we also provide measures of comfort, and we have adapted our work to meet the needs of today. Patients appreciate the pillows, hats, and other items made by our sewing volunteers, while a group of talented singers known as the Voluntaires provide joy through song. There are many other people, actions, events, and efforts that contribute to who we are today.

Message from the President & Officers

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Annual Report

The Annual Report describes how your support of events and fundraisers for Elliot Associates result in significant contribution to the clinical programs, services, and innovations of the Elliot Health System.

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