Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

At The Elliot, we offer high-quality behavioral healthcare services to help you achieve the quality of life you seek. Our comprehensive, evidence-based services include inpatient and outpatient care. 


We offer individualized behavioral health services to meet the needs of our patients while also providing ease of collaboration with your Elliot primary care provider. This collaborative approach to behavioral health services ensures team-based and outcome-oriented care.

At The Elliot, our commitment to exceptional behavioral health care spans a wide range of services, tailored to meet the unique needs of our community. Our specialized programs are designed to provide targeted and compassionate care, ensuring that individuals at every stage of life receive the support they need.

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We understand that coping with a behavioral or mental health condition can be a significant challenge, particularly when it impacts your work, school, and other daily responsibilities. At Elliot Health, we offer a variety of mental and behavioral health care options in outpatient settings, catering to children, teens, and adults. This approach allows you to receive the support and care you need while maintaining your daily routines and sense of normalcy as much as possible.

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Related Services

Substance Use Disorder Services

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services staff at The Elliot assess, treat, and support individuals with SUD who are in or seeking recovery. Our multidisciplinary team includes licensed mental health and substance use clinicians, psychiatric providers, RNs, case managers, and recovery support staff.

Partial Hospitalization Program & Intensive Outpatient Program

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provide individual and group-based treatment of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. PHP and IOP are for individuals who need care that is more intensive than individual outpatient programs but not as intensive as residential treatment.

Maternal Opioid Misuse (MOM) Program

The MOM program is available to women who are currently pregnant and up to two years postpartum, have opioid misuse disorder, and who are eligible for Medicaid. By serving as an access point to these resources, the MOM program helps new and expecting mothers and their babies have good health during pregnancy and beyond.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

The Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics provides consultations for children from birth through 12 years of age who have developmental challenges. Our experienced developmental and behavioral pediatricians will meet one-on-one with your child to assess any developmental challenges and to help promote optimal development.

Psychiatric Emergency Program (PEP)

Patients in the Psychiatric Emergency Program receive evaluation, stabilization, and treatment for acute psychiatric crisis in a safe and therapeutic environment within The Elliot Emergency Department, which is staffed by behavioral health nurses, nursing assistants, and mental health workers.

Behavioral Emergency Response Team (BERT)

The Behavioral Emergency Response Team provides support and education to medical units throughout Elliot Hospital regarding the care of patients with behavioral health conditions and/or substance use disorders.

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