Senior Health

Senior Health

The Elliot Senior Health Center is a full-service ambulatory healthcare center dedicated to helping seniors to achieve their maximum possible quality of life.


One of only a handful of its kind, and the nation's first when it opened, the Elliot Senior Health Center offers a seamless network of senior healthcare services, including primary care, senior health psychiatry, outpatient rehabilitation, radiology, health education, and physical fitness programs, all under one roof. The Elliot Senior Health Center has its home in a separate, dedicated facility just minutes from the main campus of The Elliot.

Information for Caregivers

The Elliot Senior Health Center recognizes that caregivers serve a vital role in providing the care and support that older adults need. We understand the frustrations, stress, and even the feelings of imbalance when caring for your own family or a loved one. The tools below are designed as a resource to help you along your journey as a caregiver. The staff at the Elliot Senior Health Center is prepared to support you during this time. We welcome you to take advantage of the many classes and support groups specifically designed for the caregiver.

Senior Fitness Services

Staying fit at any age is important to your physical and emotional health. At The Elliot, we offer adults a variety of fitness opportunities and group exercise classes no matter your level of fitness. For more information, call 603-663-7016.

Related Services

Senior Health Primary Care

Senior Health Primary Care specializes in treating patients 65 years of age or older. As part of the Elliot Physician Network, Senior Health Primary Care consists of geriatricians and advanced practice registered nurses specially trained in the treatment of older adults.

The Elliot Memory & Mobility Center

The Elliot Memory & Mobility Center was created to address the many physical, emotional, and social issues that can accompany memory problems. Whether you are a senior citizen who is worried about possible Alzheimer’s disease or an older adult who is experiencing new memory symptoms, we can provide you with answers to your most important questions.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

At the Elliot Senior Health Center, Rehabilitation Services offers outpatient physical therapy for older adults. Experienced physical therapists specializing in geriatrics strive to assist each patient in reaching and maintaining their goal of independence.

Senior Health Radiology Services

Whether you need an x-ray, mammogram, or bone density scan, Elliot Senior Health Radiology Services are conveniently located within the Elliot Senior Health Center. Using today’s most advanced technology, completed exams are sent electronically to a radiologist at the Elliot Hospital, allowing Elliot providers to view patient films within minutes of the exam.

Medication Management Clinic

Working with your primary care provider, an Elliot clinical pharmacist will review your medications with you for drug interactions, side effects, and potential cost savings. The pharmacist will provide you with education for the medications that you take, as well as education for conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and osteoporosis.

Anticoagulation Clinic

A registered nurse with specialized anticoagulation training performs a finger stick prothrombin time (PT/INR) test, and based on the results, will adjust your anticoagulation medication dose, update your medical record, and verify the results with your primary care physician. You get your test results in just minutes with printed dosing instructions at the time of the appointment.