May 6, 2022

Celebrating National Nurses Week

It is National Nurses Week, and while it is an annual event that draws our attention now, our nurses and the dedication and skill they bring to our patients and their families are noticed and appreciated throughout the year. Nurses Week provides us with an opportunity to intentionally pause what we’re doing and take time to recognize the tremendous impact our Elliot Health System nurses have on our patients, our surrounding communities, and also on our own Elliot community.

This Nurses Week, we take the time to recognize the extraordinary circumstances our nurses have navigated with strength, persistence, and grace. The past two years, and notably during the last COVID surge, has taken its toll. It tested us and pushed us beyond our limits. Our nurses sacrificed a great deal to care for our patients during such a challenging time—they lost time with family and risked their own physical and emotional health. Yet, our nurses remained committed, resilient, and they never gave up. Because of this perseverance, they changed the lives of many patients and their loved ones. For all of this, we are all incredibly grateful. To our nurses – you truly are heroes, and you are our family.

When you see Elliot nurses this week, please remember to thank them, share your recognition of the impact they make every day and remind them they are appreciated and seen.

Thank you to our Elliot nurses for bringing immense talent and a patient-centered approach to the community. We honor you.


Dr. Greg Baxter
President and CEO
Elliot Health System

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