December 5, 2022

The Elliot Honors Derry and Auburn EMS Teams for Response to Patient's 9-1-1 Call for Life-Saving Help

Elliot Health System recognized Emergency Medical Services members of Derry Fire Department and Auburn Fire Department who saved the life of Peggy Bolduc, Auburn resident, after a 9-1-1 call for help. The responders stabilized and transported her to The Elliot where Emergency Department providers were able to identify a cause and facilitate treatment with the cardiology team. On December 2nd The Elliot hosted a ceremony to honor the life-saving actions of the EMS teams.

Dr. Carl Fier, Peggy Bolduc, Julie Naish, RN and Nicole Matarozzo, RN

“October 19th, 2022 started off as a great day. Friends came over to play pickleball. We were removing leaves from the court when I felt a strange pressure in my chest. I sat down to figure out what is happening and realized it was getting worse, along with labored breathing and pains up my neck, and in my ear and teeth. That is when my husband I decided to call 9-1-1. Volunteers with Auburn and Derry Fire Departments came to help—they were so professional,” said Peggy Bolduc. “During the ambulance ride to The Elliot, I lost consciousness and the EMS teams had to do chest compressions and use a paddle to bring me back a few times. When we got to The Elliot, I was taken to the ICU where I received amazing, compassionate care. I found out that one of my arteries was 100% blocked. After opening up my artery, I was home again on October 21st. Dr. Fier with The Elliot helped me then and he is now my heart doctor. It was incredible. I was grateful to be home so quickly, and I am profoundly grateful and thankful for all that the EMS teams and Elliot teams did to save my life. Because of them, I was able to celebrate my 75th birthday on November 30th.”

Peggy Bolduc with Auburn Fire Department

The first responders who were recognized by The Elliot are: 

  • Michael LaPrade, Michael Montembeault, and Andrew Flores with Auburn Fire Department
  • Thomas Beaumont, Jay Guzofski, Thomas Porter Jr. and Jake Pelletier with Derry Fire Department. Jay is also a graduate of the New England EMS Institute—part of Elliot Health System.

“At The Elliot, we are grateful for the partnership we have with our local EMS crews. We work alongside each other to provide the best care possible under challenging circumstances that require quick, effective action,” said John Leary, Director of Emergency Services at Elliot Hospital. “We are pleased to recognize the incredible dedication and skill of the teams from Derry and Auburn. Their hard work is greatly deserving of this honor.”

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