June 11, 2024

Elliot Hospital: Leading the Way in NICU Care at the 2024 Medley of Neonatal Trends Conference

Elliot Hospital, which is home to the only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in southern New Hampshire, convened health care leaders and practitioners to expand knowledge in neonatal care. On June 6th, the Elliot NICU took center stage at the Puritan Conference Center in Manchester with its much anticipated "2024 Medley of Neonatal Trends" conference. This in-person event attracted NICU nurses working in NICU and Special Care Nursery from across the region, offering a platform to explore the latest advancements and best practices in neonatal care.  

The conference featured an impressive lineup of expert speakers who shared their insights and expertise on various critical aspects of neonatal care. Among the distinguished speakers were several veteran providers from Elliot Hospital, underscoring the institution’s commitment to excellence in neonatal health care. 

Dr. Lauren Priolo, neonatologist from Elliot Hospital, kicked off the conference with an enlightening session on respiratory care for neonates. Dr. Priolo’s presentation delved into innovative respiratory support techniques that are transforming the way we care for the tiniest and most vulnerable patients. 

Dr. Meghna Misra, pediatric surgeon, also from Elliot Hospital, followed with an in-depth discussion on neonatal surgical issues. Her talk provided valuable insights into the latest surgical interventions and techniques that are improving outcomes for newborns requiring surgical care. 

Dr. Michael Farias from Boston Children’s Hospital offered a comprehensive overview of the evolution and future directions of transcatheter PDA closure in premature neonates. His presentation highlighted the progress made in this critical area and the promising developments on the horizon. 

Dr. Philip Levy, also from Boston Children’s Hospital, shared the latest updates on managing acute pulmonary hypertension in neonates. His expert analysis provided attendees with the most current strategies and treatments available for this challenging condition. 

Finally, Dr. Katherine Redford, neonatologist from Elliot Hospital, delivered an insightful session on the importance of the "Golden Hour" in neonatal care. She emphasized the critical steps and protocols that should be followed during the first hour of a newborn’s life to ensure optimal outcomes. 

Dr. Redford returned to the stage alongside former NICU parents to discuss the profound impact of bedside care in the NICU. Their heartfelt presentation was the most popular topic of the day and underscored the significance of compassionate, family-centered care in supporting infants and their families during their NICU journey. One participant reflected, "I so appreciated the panel of NICU parents. Their insights were hugely impactful for me.” 

The "2024 Medley of Neonatal Trends" conference provided a unique opportunity for NICU professionals to engage with cutting-edge research, innovative practices, and each other. As the conference concluded, attendees were left with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, ready to implement the latest trends and techniques in their own NICUs.  

Elliot Hospital remains at the forefront of neonatal health care, improving the lives of the smallest patients and their families. The "2024 Medley of Neonatal Trends" conference demonstrates their ongoing efforts and dedication to excellence in the NICU. 

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