March 30, 2022

Expressing Appreciation to Physicians on National Doctors’ Day

The following message was shared with physicians throughout the Elliot medical staff community and Elliot Medical Group:

Today, March 30th, is National Doctors’ Day. Each year on this date, we reflect on the profound work you do every day. While we appreciate your contributions every day of the year, today we take special time out to recognize your efforts to save and improve the lives of our patients—your dedication and commitment make it possible for our communities to be healthier. From all of us with Elliot Health System, thank you for being a part of our organization, and bringing your talents and patient-centered approach to the community.

The past two years have caused an enormous strain on the health of our community in every way. We witnessed your commitment and steadfast dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving on the front lines of an historic pandemic, you stepped forward to help our sickest patients, while risking your own health and safety to save and improve lives. You flexed to meet the tremendous needs of our patients during crisis, even at times assuming unfamiliar roles to serve areas with the greatest urgency across our system. It is simply not possible to fully understand the impact that you have had on patients and their families.

The resilience and flexibility that you have exhibited will never be forgotten.  Please know that we see your dedication to patients, as well as the personal sacrifices that you make to deliver on your commitment.

With the drop in COVID cases, you now have turned your attention to ensuring those patients who had to wait are getting the care they need for a healthier future. At all times, in crisis or not, we are incredibly proud of your work. We honor you, and the sacrifices you continue to make to help others. We are incredibly grateful.

We share our sincere gratitude to you—our physicians throughout the Elliot medical staff community and Elliot Medical Group. Thank you for all that you do.


Dr. Greg Baxter
President, Elliot Health System

Dr. Kevin Desrosiers Chief Medical Officer, Elliot Acute Care Services and VP, Medical Affairs

Dr. Holly Mintz
Chief Medical Officer, Elliot Ambulatory Care Services

Dr. Carl Fier
President of Elliot Medical Staff and Member of Elliot Board of Directors

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