March 30, 2023

Gratitude for Our Physicians on National Doctors’ Day

Today, March 30th, we mark National Doctors’ Day. Every day of the year, your dedication, skill, and patient-centered approach are deeply appreciated. We take this national event as another opportunity to offer our appreciation for all that you do for our patients and Elliot Health System.

The outcomes you have been able to achieve for our communities are nothing short of stunning—overcoming challenges that were never experienced in health care from COVID-19, as well as surges in RSV and influenza, most recently. Not only do you address emergent, and in many cases, life-threatening needs, you also help our patients to receive routine care they need to stay well and address health issues that were put on hold for far too long. You provide your skill and guidance to patients while sometimes risking your own health and safety. Because of your commitment, entire communities are healthier today, and will be for years to come. You are the legacy of Elliot Health System.

You lead by example with your willingness to serve, and your continued resilience in response to challenges and opportunities. Please know that we see you and these qualities that you bring—they are greatly valued and admired.

Today, and every day, we offer our sincere gratitude for you—our physicians throughout the Elliot medical staff community and Elliot Medical Group. We are proud to be your colleagues—thank you for being an essential part of our community. Enjoy this National Doctors’ Day.


Dr. Greg Baxter
President and CEO, Elliot Health System

Dr. Kevin Desrosiers
Chief Medical Officer, Elliot Acute Care Services and VP, Medical Affairs

Dr. Holly Mintz
Chief Medical Officer, Elliot Ambulatory Care Services

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