June 6, 2024

Spotlight on Breast Health: A Recap of the 7th Annual Elliot Garden Party

On May 30th, the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation held its 7th Annual Garden Party at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH. This year, thanks to our incredible guests and sponsors, the event raised over $40,000 to support the Elliot Breast Health Center in expanding its radiology technology for advanced breast surgery.  

The funds raised will help to bring a new advanced intraoperative tool to the Elliot Breast Health Center. The Mozart System is a sophisticated 3D tool that allows a breast surgeon to remove tumors with higher precision and accuracy. The Mozart intraoperative assessment reduces the need for additional surgeries and the degree of tissue removal.  

Lana Shikhman, MD said, “Elliot Breast Health always strives for excellence and to push the envelope of innovative and new, yet practical and applicable modalities. This new tool will allow us to move our clinical to our True North of outstanding patient care."  

The Mozart System is anticipated to be up and running by July 2024.

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