Dementia-Friendly Hospital

Dementia-Friendly Hospital

Delivering on Our Commitment to Serve Our Community

New Hampshire enacted a law that requires all hospitals to implement an operational plan for the recognition and management of patients with dementia or delirium in hospitals.

If you require more information or have a family member with dementia and need assistance with resources, please call our Care Coordination Department at 603-663-2338, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Supporting Patients with Dementia and Their Caregivers

At Elliot Hospital we are enhancing our calm, safe environment to best support our patients with dementia and their caregivers. Our

efforts lead to a positive patient experience, shorter length of stay, and decreased readmission rates for dementia patients.

We are implementing best practices to provide optimal care by:

  • Providing staff education and training
  • Engaging and supporting the caregiver (support person)
  • Connecting our community with educational opportunities
  • Engaging patients with activities that provide comfort and evoke calm behaviors. Elliot Hospital has created several activity carts with a variety of objects that can be selected based on individual needs, such as fidget blankets for a patient who has upper-body restlessness. A stuffed animal may be soothing to another patient experiencing fear in the unfamiliar hospital environment.  

How Can You Help?

When your loved one is admitted to Elliot Hospital, a member of the Care Coordination team will ask the support person to complete a “This is Me” tool.

This is an important tool, as it assists us in understanding the person with dementia in their daily home environment so we can make this part of the care plan. Questions such as favorite foods, eating habits, calming measures, favorite activities, and more are part of this tool.

We also encourage you to be with your loved one in the hospital as much as possible to provide a familiar face and serve as a calming presence to the patient.

Support Our Program

Please consider donating to support the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Click here to learn more.