SolutionHealth Provider Match

SolutionHealth Provider Match

Connecting our community with new primary care providers

It's important to have a primary care provider (PCP) who you feel comfortable with and who you trust to help manage your overall health and wellness.

SolutionHealth Provider Match can help you find a PCP who meets your and/or your family’s unique needs. Please call our SolutionHealth Provider Match team at:


Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Finding the right provider is essential when it comes to taking care of your health. It can be overwhelming to navigate the options available, so that’s where we can help! Whether you're new to an area or looking to establish care with a new provider, SolutionHealth Provider Match is ready to assist you and your family in finding and establishing care with a healthcare provider that is right for you.

Prepare for when you call

Help us to make the registration and scheduling be as smooth as possible! When calling SolutionHealth Provider Match to establish care with a healthcare provider, please have all your demographic and insurance information readily available. This will help ensure that our Access Coordinators have all the important information needed to make the registration process seamless and complete. In addition, this promotes the efficient processing of your healthcare claims.