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Elliot Hospital Associates fundraisers raise monies to benefit Elliot Hospital programs and services.

Through the Month of November, 2020

Elliot Hospital Associate’s 2019 Annual Meeting “Memories Past and Present”

The Elliot Hospital Associates held its Annual Meeting on Friday, November 8, 2019 in the hospital Conference Center. This year’s theme was “Memories Past and Present.” In planning the meeting, we had actively reached out to past members to come and enjoy the camaraderie and celebration of a successful year.

We had a wonderful turn-out on a chilly November day! Although the weather was cold, the warmth in the conference center was palpable and the energy evident. In attendance were several Associates’ past Presidents including Elizabeth Stewart and Donna Beaulieu, who served as President in 1975. Oral Foster, past President, joined the Associates in 1959. Nancy Burke came, who was the book keeper for the 1890s Cafe. It was wonderful to see Barbara Bard, our past historian. Louise Forseze recognized the committed ladies of the Sewing Group, the singers from the Voluntaries, the Associates Board and the numerous Associates past and present.

We all enjoyed the tables displaying wonderful Items made by our sewing ladies, holiday items from our Gift Shop and a history table of pictures, stories and artifacts. Included on the history table was a sewing machine that was used in past years by the Sewing Ladies.

Sherri Hausman, CEO and President of Solution Health presented us with an update of the first year of Solution Health, highlighting the goals set and attained. She stressed the importance of connection and commitment to our communities. Her words were clear and straightforward. Her warmth was obvious to us all. We appreciate her leadership, openness and enthusiasm for our communities.

Kelli Rafferty, Director of Mary and John Elliot Foundation gave an update of the New Elliot Regional Cancer Center. The new linear accelerator of radiation therapy is scheduled for patients in March 2020. The full Cancer Center is scheduled to open in August/September, 2020.

The attendees were obviously excited with all that is happening at the Elliot Hospital!

Sheila Evjy presented the Education Scholarship funds of $2500 to Hollyann DeCarteret, RN, MSN. Holly is a maternity nurse in the Women’s and Children’s Services division of the Elliot Hospital. She has just completed her Master’s Degree in Nursing with a focus on nursing education. Her goal is to further her ability to address the educational needs of childbearing patients and new nurses, using her Master’s Degree knowledge. Congratulations on your degree and your award, Hollyann!

The President’s Award was presented to John Friberg, Esq, Vice President & General Counsel of the Elliot Health System. John has demonstrated strong support for the Associates through multiple venues. His interest and enthusiasm for the history of the Elliot Hospital Associates and the Elliot Health System has been a great asset to the development of the Associates’ history project. He has also been a strong supporter of our Trivia night since it’s inception, by both leading a trivia team and, more importantly, serving as our master of ceremonies for the evening! Thank-you and congratulations, John! We so greatly appreciate your joy, enthusiasm, and support!

The Associates of the Year Award was presented to Sara Kellogg Meade. Sara has demonstrated dedication and commitment to the Associates above and beyond since she first joined us three years ago. Sara serves two roles in our work. She is the Publicity chair, keeping our web site clear and current. She also holds the role of History chair. As History chair, Sara has set up a committee of people who have a heart for the Elliot Associates and Elliot Hospital’s rich history. She enlisted the support of senior management and the Manchester Historic Association in collaboration with the Associates for this work. Through many hours of Sara’s work and commitment, she has developed the Associates History Committee into an active group of committed people.
Congratulations Sara!

The mission and activities of the Elliot Hospital Associates are all for the purpose of raising funds and giving to the Elliot Health System. So the presentation of these awards is an important moment at the Annual meeting. Maryann Leclair presented the distribution of awards from the fundraising efforts and financial accounts that the Associates’ manage. The total of several funds of Annual Meeting gifts was $121,784.75. In addition the Varick Fund, used to offset patient expenses, was $114,816.00. These awards total $236,600.75.

The Elliot Hospital Associates’ 2019 Annual Meeting ended with Louise Forseze sharing a poem that really speaks to our Elliot Associates’ work:
“Use your voice for kindness, Your ears for compassion, Your hands for charity, Your mind for truth, And your heart for love.”