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Honoring our History: Connecting our Past with our Present and Future

Boy With Dog Up Close FramedThe Elliot Hospital Associates’ History Committee is up and running! With gratitude for the enthusiastic support from the Elliot Hospital Executive Team, we have a History Committee excited about preserving and sharing the rich history of the Elliot Hospital and the Elliot Hospital Associates.

Our statement of purpose:

Through stories, images, and artifacts, we connect Elliot Health System and Elliot Associates’ past with its present and future.

A little more about why we think this is important:

The current culture of the Elliot Health System is shaped and enriched by the events that have happened in our past. This creates a meaningful, inspiring and connecting context for why we do what we do. We connect past stories and history with current and future work in service to our community and our mission. Highlighting and bringing forward relevant EHS history into current and future Elliot initiatives, services, facilities and spaces serves as an integral bridge. Through this work, we honor and showcase our longstanding service and relationship with our community. We recognize those upon whose work in the past continues to provide context, connection and benefit to today’s services. This is the continuum of Elliot Health System history, stories, people, and pride: connecting past, present and future.

Aim #1

Seek out, substantiate, preserve and safeguard stories, images, and artifacts from Elliot Health System and Elliot Hospital Associates’ history.

Aim #2

Share our rich Elliot Health System and Elliot Associates’ history with our patients, staff and the greater Manchester community.

Helping us to be successful:

Partnership with the Manchester Historic Association is a key component of our success. We look forward to working with them to research and share our stories, images and artifacts. Through this effort we engage with our staff, the patients we serve, and the broader Manchester community to describe the 132-year history of the Elliot Hospital.