Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.

Elliot Hospital Associates

June 2020
Letter from the President


The Elliot Hospital Associates is a warm, caring and committed group of volunteers with passion for the work of the Elliot Health System. Its importance could never be more clear. For 130 years, this organization has served the greater Manchester community with expertise and with excellence. We honor this history, not to cling to it, not to let it encumber us, but to honor the examples set for us today. We move forward knowing we have a strong foundation from which to base our work today and in our future.

Today and for the near future, we face the Covid-19 pandemic and all of the health and economic challenges it poses.  We have to adapt. This is what the Elliot has always been about. It has risen to the challenge, shown community leadership, compassion and care throughout its 130 year history.  The Associates have supported its mission through events and fundraising, giving back as a means to help through extraordinary times.

The Associates’ Board consists of officers and program chairs who represent the services provided, the funds raised and the distribution of funds to benefit Elliot Health System patients and families.  Our dedicated Board members are showing flexibility and strength through these times.  We are all figuring this out. Because we care.  Because we see the value in giving of time and effort.  Because giving is what we do.

Want to become a member? Join us by clicking the “Membership” link.  Each person has unique skills to offer. Print the form and mail it in. Tell us how you would like to get involved!

On the “How to Get Involved,” “Innovations” and “Circle of Giving” and “History” pages of this web site, you will see examples of our work.  Our gift shops offer a broad range of items for you or for someone you care about.  Our work is collaborative, supportive and fun. 

Join us!

Best Regards,

Dottie Kelley, President