Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.

Elliot Hospital Associates

Letter from the President
Maryann Leclair

Welcome to 2018 and all that the Elliot Hospital Associates have planned! 

We are still pleased at the momentum created in 2017 with some of our highlights:

  • Deb Boisclair from the Finance Department received the President’s Award for her selfless and energetic dedication to the work of the Associates.  She is always the first to help in getting the word out about fundraisers and provided needed time and effort for the overall benefit of the organization.  If you see Deb, please thank her for her service!
  • The Voluntaires, the singing group of the Associates, received the Associates of the Year Award.  This is a group of dedicated singers, whose voices harmonize in a chorus to brighten the days of people in assisted living, nursing homes, in the hospital, and other settings throughout the greater Manchester community.  If you hear them, please thank them for their service in song!  More detail about their efforts and a schedule of events is listed in the “How to get Involved” section of this web page.
  • The Associates awarded five $1000 scholarships to a deserving group of recipients who are continuing their education in the health sciences.  Awardees included Susanna Barreto, Regina Bory, Marina Brunette, Bridget Emerson and Brittany Gerand.  If you see them, please congratulate them on their scholarship and encourage them in their studies!
  • The 2017 total gifted to the Elliot Health System was  $225,477.50

In 2018 we plan to award one education scholarship worth $2500. So if you are interested in applying, now is the time!! We are always pleased to receive applicants for the Associates’ scholarship and know that there are many deserving healthcare professionals advancing their education.

We anticipate a wonderful 2018 of activities and fundraising, all for the benefit of the Elliot Health System.  Look for announcements from the Associates.  Your support of these activities is vital for the benefit of the Elliot! We are also planning a new activity, a Trivia Night, facilitated by Game Time, scheduled for October 19, 2018.  This a fun, team-oriented evening event, with questions posed on a variety of topics.  So ask around in your department, and find the trivia experts.  Plan to come with a team for laughs, fun and healthy competition!

As always, we thank-you for your support of the Associates, as we work to support all of your health care professionalism and expertise.  Thank-you for all that you do.