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Inpatient Care & Nursing Units

The Fitch Unit

Fitch Unit is located on the sixth floor of the Elliot Hospital. Our comfortable unit has well-designed and equipped rooms and has the capacity to accommodate a total of 41 patients within its three designated clusters: outpatients, acute care, and palliative care.

The Fitch Unit provides compassionate care to inpatients with medical and oncology diagnoses. The unit is located on the 6th floor, can accommodate up to 44 patients and takes great pride in caring with empathy and respect. To improve communication and to involve patients, team rounding and bedside report are utilized. Team rounding includes your physician, nurse, pharmacist, and case manager who partner with you at the bedside to discuss your goals and treatment. At the change of shift, nurses come to the bedside to introduce the on-coming nurse and discuss your progress toward and needs for discharge.


We have created an environment that fosters open communication and professional relationships based on respect and equality for all. The commitment to our profession can be seen in our care and dedication, our respect for confidentiality, and the fostering of nurturing and trusting relationships. Through a system of primary care, we strive to help our patients as they decide how they will maintain their quality of life and regain an optimum lifestyle. Our services extend to include families and friends by providing education and support. Our continuum of care goes beyond diagnosis and treatment, and includes pain management, palliative and hospital services.

Services Within the Unit:

Fitch Unit is primarily utilized to care for patients experiencing urologic and oncologic problems. The inpatient and outpatient unit offers care to patients needing surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radioactive implant therapy, medical management, and palliative and supportive care in a caring and compassionate atmosphere. Fitch outpatient services include blood transfusion, chemotherapy and rehabilitative services.

The Palliative Care Unit provides a holistic approach to the care of patients and their families who are facing end-of-life care issues. The goal of the Palliative Care Team is to provide comfort and support to this special group of patients and their families in hopes of improving the quality of their life in their final days together. The cluster has been designed to promote a quiet, calm, and healing atmosphere. Admission to the designated area is appropriate for any patient who has a life-limiting illness and is not receiving curative treatment, and for whom a short hospital stay is required for pain or other symptom management. During the course of admission, members of the Palliative Care Team will work with the patient and family in order to facilitate a transition to an appropriate alternative setting (e.g., their own home, an extended care facility.) The team also provides teaching and support for the caregivers.

Fitch Unit, Palliative Care, and outpatient services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visiting hours on the Fitch Unit are 24 hours a day. Children under 14 years of age are permitted to visit when supervised by an adult visitor.

Contact Person:
Specific questions regarding care on the Fitch Unit can be directed to Sharon Kostansek, MS, RN, CNML, Department Director at (603) 663-7630.