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Inpatient Care & Nursing Units

Inpatient Care & Nursing Units

The Fuller Unit

The Fuller Unit provides care to post-surgical patients requiring inpatient care and post-surgical telemetry monitoring. The unit is Located on the eighth floor of the “K” building, it has the capacity to accommodate a total of 41 patients. There are two nurses stations, each are equipped with a central monitoring system.

Our unit cares for a variety of surgical patients not limited to General abdominal, Orthopedic, Bariatric, ENT, Vascular, Lung, plastics, urology, breast, trauma and spine surgeries. Our staff consists of Resource Nurses, Registered Nurses and Licensed Nursing Assistants, Clinical Nurse Leader and Clinical Nurse Manager, We are a part of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, case managers, social workers, respiratory therapists, pharmacist and pastoral care who work together to plan and guide our patients to a successful recovery. Through our care delivery model, we collaborate with these other disciplines to continue to advance the care of our patients. Our care delivery framework is the Elliot Model of Nursing, which supports four basic tenets: Teamwork, Continuity, Competence and Caring.

The Fuller Unit vision is to make your stay here at the Elliot Hospital as pleasant as possible and to assist patients and their families to achieve the highest level of physical and emotional health. We focus on quality care, evidence-based care, leveraging technology and patient/family satisfaction. We encourage patients and families to be an active partner in their care. Through this vision we are able to produce exceptional outcomes for patients and families through safety, quality, and caring services.

Contact Person:
Specific questions regarding care on the Fuller Unit can be directed to the Clinical Nurse manager at 603-663-8830.