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Elliot Memory & Mobility Center

Elliot Memory & Mobility Center

Located within Elliot Behavioral Health Services
445 Cypress Street, Suite 8
Manchester, NH 03103

Phone: 603-552-1670

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Clinical Social Work Services

What does a Clinical Social Worker do?
Clinical social workers provide mental health services for the diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders in individuals, families, and groups. Their goal is to enhance and maintain their patients' physical, psychological, and social function.  The clinical social worker assesses both person and family system functioning within the context of their environment to develop recommendations to identify areas of need and to support areas of strength. Case management and community linkage is an important service offered by social services staff at EMMC. Assessment and intervention for caregiver stress and support is a particular focus of the services offered at EMMC.

Who should be referred for services?
Social work services are available to all patients of the center.  Identification of patients’ resource needs begins at the time of referral. The social worker coordinates closely with all team members regarding issues of behavioral and emotional health as well as family and caregiver functioning in support of our patients.

How is the patient/family assessed by the clinical social worker?
Separately or in conjunction with other providers on the team, the social worker will assess the following areas:

  • Daily living skills
  • Personal coping skills
  • Family and community supports
  • Family/caregiver coping and supports
  • Screen for eligibility for need-based services

How is this information used?
The social worker uses the information to identify both strengths and weaknesses in the patient’s support system and ability to cope with his/her condition effectively.

  • Referral and linkage to community services
  • Counseling services are available for the patient or caregivers
  • Support groups provide caregivers an outlet and resource for maintaining their own well-being while providing excellent care for their loved one.

For more information on the Elliot Memory & Mobility Center please call 603-552-1670.