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Quality & Safety at Elliot Health System

Infection Control

About the Infection Control Department

The Infection Control Department is a department in the hospital that works to prevent and control infections in patients and staff. Infection Control is staffed by two full-time Infection Preventionists, and is supported by an Infectious Disease Physician. Infection Control works closely with the Manchester and State Health Departments.


We’re Stopping the Spread of Flu
Elliot Health System cares about keeping our patients and visitors healthy. As healthcare personnel, one thing we can do to keep our patients healthy is to get vaccinated from the flu. We are very proud to share that over 98% of our employees, physicians, volunteers, students, and contracted personnel were vaccinated against the flu last year. When compared to the national average of 64% and the State of NH average of 93.5%, we are confident that we are leading the way in influenza prevention for the health of our patients and families.

Join us in helping to prevent the spread of flu and get vaccinated! Elliot offers annual flu clinics through our physician practices (by appointment) and the Elliot Pharmacy at River’s Edge (no appointment necessary). Click here for Elliot Pharmacy hours.

Patient Safety at the Hospital

Purposeful Rounding Program

At Elliot Hospital, Patient safety is paramount, and one of our foundational pillars in our efforts to providing clinical excellence and quality patient care. By cultivating a care delivery environment dedicated to patient safety, we pledge to keep our patients safe by preventing hospital acquired conditions of harm (for example-falls, catheter associated urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and blood clots), improving mobility and preventing functional decline, and providing an open line of communication between clinical providers and patients/family. In order to meet this commitment, we have implemented a Dedicated Purposeful Rounding program on our medical-surgical floors, which aims to meet the safety and personal needs of our patients through the utilization of a dedicated Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) who rounds on every patient every hour. This LNA addresses toileting, pain, positioning/mobilization, and strives to meet the patient’s personal/physical environment needs on an hourly basis. This is a nationally recognized evidence-based approach to improving the delivery of patient care and promoting safety. In January, 2014, in the wake of a successful program launch, we were invited to present our work on the implementation of a Dedicated Purposeful Rounding program at a national conference in Garden Grove, California. Today, we continue to maintain this program in an effort to meet the safety needs of our patients and improve the patient experience. We also serve as a local and national resource to other organizations as they seek to implement similar programs.


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