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Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
Elliot Health System - Regional Cancer Center

Solinsky Center for Cancer Care at The Elliot

Elliot Hospital
One Elliot Way
Manchester, NH 03103

Radiation Oncology
Phone: (603) 663-1800
Fax: (603) 663-1807

Medical Oncology
Phone: (603) 622-6484
Fax: (603) 622-7438

Elliot Medical Center at Londonderry
40 Buttrick Road
Londonderry, NH 03053

Radiation Oncology
Phone: (603) 552-1600
Fax: (603) 552-1610

In order to reach the radiation oncologist at night, on holidays, or weekends, please call (603) 663-1800 and ask the operator to contact the radiation oncologist on call.

In order to reach the medical oncologist at night, on holidays, or on weekends, please call (603) 622-6484 to have the provider paged.

Radiation Oncology

Meet the Team

The Administrative Staff are the first people you meet as you enter the Cancer Center. They provide behind-the scenes scheduling and administrative support.

The Radiation Oncologist is the physician who will plan your treatment and manage your care during therapy. The physician will meet with you at least once a week during the course of treatment.

The Registered Nurse will give you specific instructions related to your care during Radiation Therapy. He or she will meet with you frequently to discuss any problems, questions or concerns you may have regarding your treatment, and to manage symptoms you may experience during your treatments.

The Licensed Nursing Assistants may take your vital signs and prepare you to meet with Radiation Oncologist while you are on treatment.

The Registered Radiation Therapist will actually be giving you your daily treatment. The therapist, who has been specially trained in a certified School of Radiologic Technology, works closely with your physician and nurse. The therapists will deal with any requests you may have related to your appointments for treatment (i.e., scheduling, time changes.)

The Social Worker will be meeting with you and/or your family to provide assistance with social concerns related to diagnosis and treatment. These concerns or problems may pertain to coping with your cancer diagnosis emotionally and financially.

The Dietitian is available upon request or referral. She will assist you with dietary concerns and teaching. Patients, who are receiving Radiation Therapy to any area which involves the GI tract, head and neck, mid-chest, abdomen, and pelvis, will be referred to the Nutritionist for consultation.

The Radiation Physicists provide quality assurance that the radiation machines emit the correct dose of radiation. They also conduct all the measurements on which radiation dose calculations are based.

Dosimetrists work with the Radiation Oncologist and Physicist to carefully calculate the dose of radiation to make sure the tumor gets the prescribed amount. Using computers, they develop an optimized treatment plan that can best destroy the tumor while sparing the healthy tissue.