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Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
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The Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

Elliot at River's Edge
185 Queen City Avenue
Manchester, NH 03103

Phone: 603-663-3630
Fax: 603-663-3669

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Patient Information

What to expect at your first visit?

Please arrive to the department 10-15 minutes prior to the visit as we take pride in the fact that we have very short wait times. After you are checked in our team of caring physicians and nurses will obtain your medical history, evaluate your overall health and the status of your wound. Please bring a list of your allergies, medications, and your insurance card to your visit.

If you have mobility issues the staff is here to assist you into one of our comfortable treatment chairs. Our facility also has lift equipment if needed to help with transfers. The department is also able to accommodate patients who arrive by ambulance on a stretcher.

At the beginning of your visit the gentle hands of the Wound Center staff will carefully remove any dressings or bandages. Your vital signs will also be taken. Measurements and pictures will be taken of your wounds. We do this so that we can track the progress of your healing. You will be able to view this on the computer at our clinic.

We understand that our patients do experience pain with their wounds. We offer a topical numbing medication during your visit to aide in any discomfort you may have. If necessary we are also able to use an injectable anesthetic.

After the nursing staff has prepared you for your visit you will be examined by a provider who is a wound specialist. After the assessment is completed a treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you. You or your caregiver will be taught how to clean and change your dressings and how to monitor the wound. We will assist you in referrals to visiting nurses, specialists, or testing if needed.

All of your questions and concerns will be addressed by our dedicated and compassionate staff. We are here for you to help you on your path of healing!

For all appointments please call 603-663-3630