Breast Health Treatment Services

Breast Health Treatment Services

Whether your breast condition is malignant or benign, new or recurrent, you can trust that you have one dedicated team that is with you for life at the Elliot Breast Health Center. We offer an array of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options and are committed to providing the comprehensive and compassionate care you need.

Treatment for Benign Breast Disease

Non-cancerous (benign) breast conditions, such as unusual growths or other changes, are common among women. The symptoms of these conditions often mimic those caused by breast cancer. They may be noticed during a self-exam or mammogram. Many of these conditions require no further action besides continued routine screening. However, some may need surgical treatment if they increase your risk of developing breast cancer or cause painful symptoms.

Breast Oncology Program

In our Breast Oncology Program, patients receive care from a multidisciplinary team of experts, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, pathologists, breast surgeons, and plastic surgeons. Our nurse navigators and oncology resource coordinators ensure you and your loved ones receive the optimal medical, emotional, and educational support throughout your treatment. We also provide services for women with metastatic or inflammatory breast cancer, young women with breast cancer, and men with breast cancer.

Oncology Rehabilitation Program

Our highly skilled physical therapists have advanced training in managing many of the primary and secondary side effects associated with cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical interventions, and hormone therapy. Before, during, and after your treatment, we can help you manage side effects and minimize limitations to get you back to living your life.

Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery

The Hidden Scar™ Surgery technique allows our breast surgeons to remove cancerous tissue through a single incision made in a discrete area to reduce visible scarring and preserve the natural shape of your breast. Patients who undergo this approach experience optimal clinical and cosmetic outcomes and are at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other surgical technique. Elliot Breast Health Center is among the first sites in New Hampshire to perform this advanced technique and is a recognized Hidden Scar Center.

BioZorb™ Insertion

BioZorb™ is a bioabsorbable 3D marker with titanium clips that is implanted in the breast to mark the spot where a tumor was surgically removed. After insertion, the titanium clips allow for a precise method of tissue rearrangement, optimization of cosmetic outcome, radiation treatment targeting, and imaging follow up for many years after breast cancer treatment is complete.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery

The Elliot Breast Health Center team partners with Elliot Plastic Surgery to ensure patients in need of reconstructive breast surgery get the best, most comprehensive surgical care available. The experienced plastic surgeons at Elliot Plastic Surgery will work with you to create a detailed, personalized surgical plan to help restore the look and feel of your breast.

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