Custom Orthotic Fabrication

Custom Orthotic Fabrication

Outpatient Only

Custom Orthotics at The Elliot

The Elliot Health System is able to provide this fee-based service with an order from your medical provider. Our process creates an individual cast mold of each foot that are sent out to our orthotic fabricator, Allied Reliable. They custom build orthotics in a multitude of styles based upon your intended use. Our goal is to provide an affordable option to achieve the support you need to improve tired or painful feet.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

  • Skilled assessment of your orthotic needs
  • Proper measurements of each foot
  • Customized support for each foot
  • Variety of styles to meet your activity needs

Affordable Rates (as of 5/2023)

  • Customized assessment and casting – $199
  • Refurbishment within two years of intact orthotics - $125

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