Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Elliot Vascular Surgery offers comprehensive screening, diagnosis, and treatment for various vascular disorders. Our board-certified vascular surgeons ensure patients receive top-quality care locally with access to the latest research and treatments. No matter your vascular health concern, our providers will work with you, and in collaboration with, your primary care provider to personalize a care plan based on your needs. 

What is Vascular Surgery?

Your vascular system – or circulatory system – is made up of arteries and veins that carry blood throughout the body. As you age, the build-up of plaque and cholesterol may cause them to become stiff and narrow. This can obstruct smooth and efficient blood flow, resulting in various complications depending on where the “traffic jam” occurs.

Board-certified vascular surgeons have extensive training on how to diagnose and treat the full range of vascular conditions. They help patients understand their health issues and treatment options. Many vascular conditions can be treated with medications. If surgery is necessary, our vascular surgeons are skilled in cutting-edge, minimally invasive endovascular techniques, as well as in open surgery.

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