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The Caffeine Connection

Many women complain of sore, painful breasts. After a consultation with a physician to rule out disease, a caffeine-free diet may be recommended to reduce this pain. A caffeine-free diet will take approximately two months to yield an improvement in the discomfort and pain associated with fibrocystic changes. Some women respond more slowly and it may take up to a year, while others find no relief from reduced caffeine.

If your physician recommends caffeine reduction in your diet, you may experience headaches as you decrease your caffeine intake. It may be helpful to gradually reduce the amount of caffeine you are consuming. Headaches may last from 1 to 7 days. This is normal.

Most people associate caffeine with coffee consumption, however, there are many other products that also contain high amounts of caffeine, these products should to be reduced or eliminated.

Read the labels of all products for their caffeine contents.
This is just a partial list of many commonly used items.

Product: Caffeine milligrams

Non-Prescription Drugs
Coffee Drip (5 oz) 146
Percolated (5oz) 110
200 Instant, regular (5oz) 53
200 Decaffeinated (5oz) 2
Tea Brewed (5oz) 25-75
Iced tea, canned (12oz) 22-36

Cocoa & Chocolate
Cocoa (water mix) 6 oz. 10
Baking Chocolate 6
Chocolate Bar 10

Soft Drinks (12oz)
Mountain Dew 52
Mello Yellow 52
Tab 52
Coke Classic 46
Diet Coke 46
Sunkist Orange 42
Shasta Cola 42
Dr. Pepper 38
Diet Dr. Pepper 37
Pepsi Cola 37
Royal Crown Cola 36
Diet Pepsi 34
Diet Mello Yello 12
7-Up & Diet 7 -Up 0
Sprite 0
Minute Maid Orange 0
Diet Sunkist Orange 0
Fresca 0
Hires Root Beer 0

Product: Caffeine milligrams

Stimulants—standard dose:
Caffedrine capsules
Vivarin 200

Pain Relievers –standard dose:
Anacin 64
Excedrine 130
Midol 65
Plain aspirin (any brand) 0

Diuretics – standard dose:
Aqua-Ban 200
Permathene 200
Pre-Mens Forte 100

Cold Remedies:
Dristan 32
Coryban-D 30
Triaminicin 30

Weight Control Aids:
Dexatrim 200
Dietac 200
Prolamine 280