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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

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WARP Software at Londonderry

If you have been booked for an MRI and you have metal in the area of concern you may be a candidate for WARP software. WARP software is a type of technology the Elliot Hospital and Londonderry MRI has built into their sequences that allow for metal artifact reduction (also known as MARS).

The technology is popular for imaging of the shoulder, hips, knees, and spine but can be used for any body part that contains metal.

If you have a knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement or metal from a fusion in your spine you may be a candidate for WARP software to better visualize the area of concern. Your referring provider can help you set up this appointment through our central booking department.

The length of an MRI with WARP is anywhere between 25-35 minutes and will require you to hold very still. MRI scans are sensitive to motion and any motion may obscure information the Radiologist uses to make a formal report. The metal you have in the area of concern will still be visible however the software will drastically reduce the artifacts seen with traditional MRI scans.

The formal report of the results will be sent to your referring physician who will explain the results to you.