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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Central Scheduling Phone: 603-663-2180

MRI Arthogram

If you have been booked for an MR ARTHROGRAM it is important to know two departments are involved.

Central booking will schedule the MRI with your Doctor’s office to coordinate the following departments;


Once scheduled, you will be receiving a call from the MRI department to ensure you are safe to enter the magnetic environment. You also will be asked if you are on any of the following medications prior to this procedure;


Your MRI will be scheduled ½ hour after the XRAY appointment. [If your MRI is scheduled for 9am your Arthrogram injection appointment will be for 8:30am].

During your appointment in the XRAY department the Radiologist or Physician Assistant will be administering a small amount of contrast (Gadavist) into the joint space being imaged with the guidance of XRAY.

Following the injection is your MRI appointment where you will undergo an MRI of the affected joint. You will be asked to refrain from moving this joint from the time of injection until the MRI is complete.

The length of an MR Arthrogram is typically 20-25 minutes and will require you to hold very still. MRI scans are sensitive to motion and any motion may obscure information the Radiologist uses to make a formal report.

You will be given hearing protection as the MRI machine makes a series of loud noises.
Click below to listen.

You will also be given the option of listening to satellite radio if you would like.

The formal report of the results will be sent to your referring physician who will explain the results to you.