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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

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If you have been booked for an MRI of your brain you will be asked to arrive at the MRI department 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. If the Doctor ordering your exam has requested contrast, the contrast agent Elliot uses is called Gadavist and requires that an IV be started in either your arm or hand.

After the safety screening has been completed you will be provided a locker where you can safely lock your valuables. We recommend leaving as many personal belongings at home as possible. MRI Safe clothing will be provided for you.

In the scan room you will be asked to lie on your back onto an MRI coil (camera) and an additional coil will be clicked in place acting as an antenna. This device has prism technology allowing you to see outside of the machine, either looking at the technologists or the picture window depending on the site you are being scanned at. You will be given hearing protection as the MRI machine makes a series of loud noises.
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You will also be given the option of listening to satellite radio if you would like.

The length of a brain MRI is typically 20-25 minutes without a contrast injection. The total length of time is 30-35 minutes if a contrast injection is needed. You will be asked to hold still as MRI scans are sensitive to motion and any motion may obscure information the Radiologist uses to make a formal report.

Your referring physician will explain this formal report to you.