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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

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MRI Enterography

If you have been scheduled for an MR Enterography you will be asked to arrive 1 Hour prior to the start of your exam. It is necessary to abstain from eating or drinking any food or liquid for 6 Hours prior to the time of your exam. [If you are scheduled at 8:00am you can have nothing to eat or drink after 1am and arrive at the MRI department for 7am]NO FOOD or DRINK for 6 Hours.

After the necessary safety screening form is complete you will change into MRI safe clothing.

You will be asked to drink 3 bottles of oral contrast (Breeza) which distends collapsed loops of bowel by replacing ingested food and air with a mineral to create a uniform consistency. You will need to drink 1 bottle approximately every 20 minutes.

You will be asked to lie on your belly onto a coil which is an MRI camera. An additional coil will be placed on your back. We ask you to lie on your belly in order to spread out the bowel as best possible for visualization.

This exam requires the use of a contrast agent called Gadavist. The Gadavist will be administered by using an IV in either your arm or hand.

An additional injection called Glucagon will be given by a Radiology Nurse midway through the exam. This will then be repeated toward the end of the exam. The purpose of this injection is to relax the bowel.

You may experience cramping and bloating during this procedure and are advice not to eat heavy solid food for the remainder of the day as this can cause constipation.

The scan time for this exam lasts approximately 25 minutes.

The images obtain during the MRI will be sent to a system where a Radiologist dedicated to MRI will make a dictation. These results will be explained to you by your referring physician.