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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

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I am severely claustrophobic, what options do I have?

Many patients suffer from claustrophobia so please do not feel alone. Our staff is experienced with claustrophobia and we have several methods to help you through. Here are some options you have;

    Wide Bore MRI
  1. Wide Bore MRI at River’s Edge, Londonderry and Elliot Hospital. The MRI machine at River’s Edge has a 70cm opening making it comfortable for many patients suffering from claustrophobia
  2. Prism technology is included at all of our locations allowing for you to look outside during your exam or to see the MRI tech area where we will be monitoring you the entire time.
  3. An intercom system is used to communicate during the exam and we can let you know how long each series of noises will last.
    i.e. - “Mary, the next set of pictures will last 3 ½ minutes and we will check in after that”
  4. You are welcome to bring a loved one into the room to be with you. In order to allow your loved one to be with you they will go through the same screening process to make sure it is safe to be in the magnetic field. Note: there is no Ionizing Radiation used for MRI so you and your loved one will not be exposed to any radiation during this procedure.
  5. Music is available to anyone who would like it. Headphones will be provided to minimize the noise the MRI machine makes. We are able to play satellite radio for you at any of our locations through these headphones if you choose this. Many patients find this to be a helpful distraction and way to pass the time. If you do not want headphones on you do not have to but you will be asked to place earplugs in your ears to block out the noise.
  6. Eye masks are available to anyone who think this may be helpful. We have some patients that do not wish to see the machine at all and this helps to prevent the tendency to “peek” once we begin.

Please let us know what works best for you and we will be happy to help you through.

Thank you for choosing Elliot MRI, we hope your experience is pleasant and the scans we provide ensure answers in your healthcare journey.

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