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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Central Scheduling Phone: 603-663-2180

Can I come look at the machine?

We encourage patients to come and look at any of the magnets if this will help you determine the choices you make relating to MRI. Please call 603-663-8481 to set up a time to come visit the River’s Edge MRI or 603-663-1485 to set up a time to visit the Londonderry MRI. Due to the fact the MRI machine is in constant use you may have to wait for a patient to complete their exam before you are able to view the machine. Patient confidentiality needs to be maintained at all times so please keep this in mind when you visit.

Thank you for choosing Elliot MRI, we hope your experience is pleasant and the scans we provide ensure answers in your healthcare journey.

Elliot Hospital 603-663-4141
River’s Edge 603-663-8480
Londonderry 603-552-1485