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Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Central Scheduling Phone: 603-663-2180

Does Elliot have Open MRI?

Wide Bore MRI Wide Bore MRI

Yes - Elliot Health System has 3 Open Bore MRI machines.

Our River’s Edge location on Queen City Ave in Manchester is home to our 3T Magnetom Verio , our Londondery Buttrick Road location is home to our 1.5T Magnetom Espree and now the Elliot Hospital is home to our 1.5T Magnetom Sola.

Click here below to view a video about our Magnetom Espree in Londonderry

Claustrophobia is an issue for many in our community so please do not feel alone. Our staff is experienced with claustrophobia and we have several methods to help you through. For more detailed information about claustrophobia or what site will be best for you please refer to: click here.

Thank you for choosing Elliot MRI, we hope your experience is pleasant and the scans we provide ensure answers in your healthcare journey.

Elliot Hospital 603-663-4141
River’s Edge 603-663-8480
Londonderry 603-552-1485