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Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
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Rehabilitation Services

For Providers

“Our goal is to get ensure each patient is matched with the right therapists, at the most convenient location, as soon as possible”

Contact Info:

You can contact our central scheduling team directly at 603-663-3672
Any further questions please feel free to call our Practice Manager at 603-663-4424

Easy Referral Process

At the Elliot Rehabilitation Services, our team of elite Patient Service Representatives triages hundreds of incoming referrals a day, scheduling patients of all therapy types to any of our six physical locations. We also make it a point to verify insurance for all scheduled patients and will work to obtain any necessary authorizations for our patients as well.  The goal of our referral and intake system is to make the process as hassle free as possible for any referring provider while maintaining accurate and appropriate registration for the patients.


Referrals to Elliot Rehabilitation Services can be sent via paper (from outside of the organization) or electronically through our Epic system. Our goal is to call all incoming referrals, both paper and electronic, within 24 hours of receipt.



All paper orders can be faxed to (603) 663-8482

  • Orders specifically for pediatric patients or complex neuro can be faxed directly to (603) 663-5717
  • Orders for our LSVT BIG and LOUD program can be faxed directly to (603) 663-7019


All in network providers can send referrals for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy through our Epic system to our “Elliot Rehab Referral Pool”*
*When searching for a new pool it is number 10368

Central Scheduling

Our central scheduling team is a group of full time Patient Service Representatives located behind the scenes at the Elliot Rivers Edge Location. They personally handle all incoming referrals to the department and schedule with all of our 60+ licensed therapists spread across our six locations. Working with both the patients’ personal needs and the orders from the provider they strive to ensure each patient is matched with the right therapists, at the most convenient location, as soon as possible.

Upon scheduling our team will gather the patients’ insurance information to verify coverage prior to first appointment. They will also obtain any authorizations or pre-certifications needed by each third party payer and will communicate with the therapists if there is any limitation to treatment coverage with each specific plan (IE: 20 visits per calendar year).


For a PDF of our paper referral click HERE

For a list of all of our specialty programs and the locations where they are offered click HERE