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Rehabilitation Specialty Programs

Concussion Rehabilitation Program

The Elliot Rehabilitation Services team has a trained, multidisciplinary team that focuses on an individual’s needs and symptoms following a concussion event. A concussion is an injury to the brain that can result in a disturbance of brain function. The intensity of a concussion can vary widely and is often not evident immediately. Any of these typical brain functions can be involved with this type of injury, including our:

  • physical body
  • constructive thinking
  • emotions
  • sleep patterns

Although most people do recover from this type of injury, symptoms may last day, weeks, or have a more permanent impact. Specialists in this area of treatment agree that early intervention can result in improved outcomes. Concussions can occur from any of the following:

  • Athletic injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Falls
  • Military operations
  • Industrial injuries


Our comprehensive team of caring clinicians work together to provide a thorough systems evaluation and early intervention for problem areas. Our goal is to meet the needs of everyone including the patient, family members, employer, school, and coaches.

We utilize a variety of advanced therapy techniques, including:

  • Proper progression of exercise to return to symptom-free physical activity
  • Appropriate cognitive challenges to maximize learning, problem solving and organizational thought
  • Balance and vestibular exercises to assure tolerance to motion
  • Consultation regarding safe return to sports and work activities
  • Referral to community supports

Advanced Care/Expertise

Our therapists include, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech & language pathologists specially trained in treating concussion injuries to create an evidence based treatment plan that assures maximal success.