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Inpatient Care & Nursing Units

Inpatient Care & Nursing Units

The Elliot Model of Nursing

The practice of professional nursing throughout Elliot Health System is predicated upon a commitment to a comprehensive, active shared governance model that provides appropriate authority for decisions pertaining to practice and accountability for the outcomes resulting from those decisions.

The practice of nursing is supported by the work of nursing theorist Kristen Swanson, whose conceptual framework (Swanson, 1993) is informed caring for others. The major concepts of the theory consist of five categories:

  • maintaining
  • knowing
  • being with
  • doing
  • enabling


Nursing’s care commitment is actualized through the Elliot Health System I CARE Professional Practice Model.

1. Innovation and Inspiration
Challenge inspires us to seek innovative solutions. Our practice is evidence based and progressive. We are change agents and stewards of our professions for present and future colleagues and those who will benefit from the care and services provided.

2. Collaboration and Continuity in Caring
The art of being present is paramount in our interactions with patients and families, and also in our interprofessional relationships as we deepen our understanding of each other's roles, contributions and challenges. As members of the healthcare team we each recognize our professional obligation to build and sustain open, trusting, inclusive interprofessional relationships which support optimal patient outcomes and a culture of patient safety.

3. Accountability
Our Care Delivery Model is patient and family centric and provides a structure to ensure that each patient has access to the resources, professional expe1tise, and presence necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. We are accountable to our patients to ensure their and to provide evidence based care which consistently meets or exceeds the relevant regulatory agencies and other bodies of authority.

4. Respect/Role Modeling
Our respect for others is reflected in our demeanor, our listening and communication skills and our efforts to be fully present in our interactions. We recognize and respect the power we have to influence novice and aspiring colleagues and use that power to the betterment of our professions.

5. Ethics and Integrity
We recognize that membership on the healthcare team is a privilege, maintained in part through constant adherence to the codes of ethics and professional standards which guide our practice. A healthy, values based work environment, supports and is in turn driven by excellent clinical practice and optimal patient outcomes.