Fundraise Your Way

Fundraise Your Way

Celebrate a special occasion, bring together your community and host your own Third Party Fundraising Event to support The Elliot.

Hosting a Third Party Fundraising Event to Benefit The Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation

These guidelines will assist you in planning a successful event to benefit the Elliot Health System through the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf.

Your fundraising effort must be approved by the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation at least 30 days prior to the event. To initiate the process of approval, please complete the application and send to

Once your fundraising effort has been approved, the Foundation office can provide the following assistance:

  • Help in directing your funds to a specific area of interest that has special meaning to you and/or your organization
  • Direction on the acceptable use of the hospital’s name and logo in promotional materials
  • Review of promotional materials

The Foundation office cannot provide:

  • Staff support for event coordination
  • Recruitment of event sponsors or participants
  • Mailing lists of donors, vendors, employees, volunteers
  • Payment of expenses (All costs for the event must be paid either from proceeds or by the event organizer. The Foundation cannot front or reimburse expenses.)
  • Tax-exempt status for purchases for your event 
  • Guaranteed staff attendance at your event
  • Receipts for donations not made directly to the Foundation
  • Insurance coverage
  • Necessary contracts and/or permits

Additional Information

  • Set a fundraising goal and update your supporters along the way.
  • Share specific examples of how these funds will help the intended beneficiaries 
  • Promote your event on social media, including photos and progress toward your goal.
  • Thank your supporters and volunteers – before, during and after your event!

All proceeds from your event must be received by the hospital within 30 days. Please mail a check payable to the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation or contact to initiate payment online.

Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation
701 Riverway Place
Building. 7
Bedford, NH  03110

The Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation cannot assume responsibility of any nature associated directly or indirectly with your fundraising effort. Organizers must agree to release and hold harmless The Foundation and Elliot Health System from any liability arising from the event.

The Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation is responsible for providing tax-deduction receipts for all charitable donations in accordance with IRS regulations.

An individual or organization making a donation payable to the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation will receive an official receipt for tax purposes.

Submit an Event Approval Request Form

Silver Linings Project

On her 39th birthday, Kelly felt a lump in her right breast before a yoga class. There was no lump on the left side.Silver Linings Project (1).jpgConcerned, she contacted her primary care provider and was in the following Monday for a physical exam; Friday for a mammogram and ultrasound, and days later, an ultrasound biopsy. In a matter of 14 days, Kelly found a lump and was diagnosed with Stage I, Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The diagnosis was terrifying and came as an absolute shock. Kelly was devastated to learn that she would have to undergo chemotherapy to treat this disease. Despite the odds, Kelly used Paxman scalp cooling therapy offered at Elliot Hospital's Solinsky Center for Cancer Care during her eight chemo treatments - 4 adriamycin cytoxan, and 4 taxol (AC-T). Though she lost quite a bit of hair, the scalp cooling worked.  She was able to work, to teach yoga, and to go out in public and not worry about the stigma of being a bald cancer patient.  

The Silver Linings Project formed serendipitously when Kelly decided to make the one-year anniversary of her diagnosis not a sad one, but a happy one. She and her fabulous community raised over $5,000.00 with the specific intent to help cancer patients financially who must undergo chemotherapy treatment obtain a cold cap who might not otherwise have the funds readily available to pay for the equipment and services in full up front. The Silver Linings Project is also working closely with The Solinsky Center and the Mary and John Elliot Charitable Foundation to bring awareness to solid-tumor chemo patients about the benefits of cold cap therapy, in addition to facilitating the process of obtaining the cold cap before treatment begins.

Donate to the Silver Linings Project

Aynn's No Gray Days Fund

In May 2019, Aynn Barlotta was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. Due to an incredible team of surgeons,MJE Stories of Impact_Aynn.png practitioners, nurses and everyone involved she was blessed with the gift of time. We made the most of this gift and spent time together as a family in between radiation, chemotherapy, and other treatment sessions. Aynn never let the diagnosis define her, and found joy in the gift of today. She always had a smile on her face regardless of the prognosis, and enjoyed every second she had seizing the day with her friends and family.

Over the two-year fight against glioblastoma, we found peace and joy as a family together. When the tumor recurred in the midst of Covid, everything was put on hold. Over the following months, our friends blessed us with their homes so that we could have quality time together as a family. From a lake house in New Hampshire, to a beach house in Maine, and a mountain house in Vermont, each provided our family with the incredible blessing of being together. This was invaluable time that we spent together as a family, and what we hold onto and look back on. In the midst of the darkness of a brain cancer diagnosis, we were given the blessing to be in the light and make the most of our time together.

Aynn always believed in making the most of every day. She would be found laughing, dancing, playing, skiing, hiking and everything in between all the way through to her last day. She believed that spending quality time together and having fun were the best ways to spend time, and loving others was a blessing. She wanted to be able to give the gift that we were given to others.

In memory of Aynn, we have established the Aynn’s No Gray Days Fund through a partnership with Elliot Hospital and their Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation in New Hampshire. This fund will be focused on providing families battling brain cancer with the opportunity to go away to a house and spend quality time together. Aynn’s hope was to give people a chance to make the most of today, and create fun and joyful memories that will last forever.

Donate to Aynn's No Gray Days Fund