Retail and Community Pharmacy

Retail and Community Pharmacy

The Elliot pharmacists and staff are looking forward to meeting your health and wellness needs!

You can trust that we view your safe medication management as paramount, and we are proud to work with you to consult about any questions or concerns you may have.

We know that prescriptions can be confusing and often people with more than one prescription have questions. Ask us! We are here to help and honored to be your local and trusted pharmacy as part of Elliot Health System.


The Elliot Pharmacy at River’s Edge offers a variety of services to patients including prescriptions, compounding, adherence packaging, and meds to beds, along with specialty pharmacy services.

Our Bedford location offers limited prescription services.

We can fill many different prescriptions including many hard-to-find specialty medications. Learn more about our specialty pharmacy offerings below.

We specialize in a variety of topical and oral custom compound medication options. Our specially-trained compounding staff works with patients and providers to tailor medications to our patients’ needs, delivering high-quality medications using state-of-the-art mixing equipment. We make pet medicines too! Some limitations apply. Please contact the pharmacy for a consultation.

We can package multiple medications into easy-to-use disposable weekly dose cards. These custom packages help keep you on track with your medications, and we do all the work! Each card can contain up to 15 medications and can be arranged in up to four doses daily. This service has eligibility limits and an extra fee; please inquire at the pharmacy or by phone. We offer free one-hour consultations – call us today!

For our patients in the hospital who are ready for discharge, we can fill your prescriptions before you leave the hospital! One of our technicians will deliver your finished prescription to your bedside so that you can go home and heal. This means no more stopping on your way home at a local pharmacy and waiting for your prescriptions to be filled. We can also help identify cost-saving opportunities, ensuring that our patients have their discharge medications at an affordable price.

Our immunizing pharmacists can administer the Flu, Pneumonia, and Shingles vaccine.

 For no charge, sit down one-on-one with a pharmacist and discuss proper usage of all your medications, side effects, and interactions.

All your medications combined into one easy-to-use card! Some things in life can be complicated, but taking your medications properly should not be one of them.

We now offer life-changing specialty pharmacy services designed to simplify every aspect of your care. From obtaining financial assistance to navigating through your insurance benefits to  coordinating with providers to managing refills, The Elliot specialty pharmacy patient liaisons will integrate with your clinic to help alleviate that stress so you can focus on what really matters —enjoying your life.

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Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

See some of our great new products exclusively at the Elliot Pharmacy.

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With SolutionHealth MyChart you can:

  • Access your Rx records
  • Order refills in advance
  • Receive alerts when your Rx is ready

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Monthly Specials

See some of our great new products exclusively at the Elliot Pharmacy.

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