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"On June 4th 2018 I had back surgery at your hospital. It was very scary for me as the last time I had this type of operation it was on my neck and I had minor complications from that surgery which was at another hospital. The main reason I am writing to you is to tell you have great your staff was everyone from the Nurses, LNA, therapy and kitchen/cleaning staff. The first night I remember being in so much pain and very sad if you will. But I had some of the best nurses I have ever had they did everything within their power to help me with my pain. I joked with them they joked back. If I needed a drink they helped me etc. This was a constant theme throughout my stay at your hospital. Therapy staff in my opinion didn’t push me to far but at the sametime pushed me enough so that at the end I could go home instead of a therapy location. Again they were amazing always positive and joking with me and keeping my spirits up." Read More.