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Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

River’s Edge
185 Queen City Ave.
Manchester NH 03101

Phone: 603-663-2269
Fax: 603-663-2232

FACT: According to the American Heart Association (AHA), people who participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program following a cardiac event significantly reduce their risk of future cardiac events. The Elliot Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can help individuals identify and modify their risk for heart disease.

What is Cardiac Outpatient Rehabilitation?

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised lifestyle modification and exercise program. Beginning after discharge from the hospital, participants attend cardiac rehabilitation three days a week for a minimum of six weeks.

Our Program Goals

Our experienced and caring healthcare professionals provide support to alleviate any fear or anxiety patients may experience about their condition, increasing activity and exercise or returning to work.

Exercise conditioning improves the heart's ability to function and helps individuals achieve a healthy and enjoyable way of life.

Through education, patients can better understand heart disease, learn how to prevent future complications, and make positive lifestyle choices.

Program Components

Monitored Exercise
A personal exercise plan will be developed for each patient based on his or her needs, abilities and goals. A nurse and exercise physiologist closely monitor blood pressure, heart rate and heart rhythm during exercise sessions. Patients are taught how to exercise safely on a variety of cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and stationary bicycles.

Education Sessions
Education classes provide information about living with heart disease and include:

  • Heart healthy eating
  • Cardiac medications
  • Risk factors for heart disease
  • Understanding heart disease
  • Exercise
Family and friends are invited to attend sessions

Elliot's Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

The Elliot Cardiac Rehabilitation Team is comprised of a variety of healthcare professionals, including:

  • Cardiac Nurse Specialists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Physicians (primary care physician, cardiologist and/or surgeon)
  • Dietician
  • Pharmacist

Referral and Payment

A physician referral is required. Most insurance carriers, as well as Medicare, cover Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation. The Cardiac Rehab staff will assist patients with the insurance process.

Contact Us

Elliot Hospital's Department of Cardiovascular Health can be reached at:
River’s Edge 185 Queen City Ave. Manchester NH 03101
Phone is 603-663-2269
Fax: 603-663-2232

You may also discuss this program with your doctor.