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Pacemaker Insertion


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Invasive Cardiology (Theraputic Cardiology)

Pacemaker Insertion


A pacemaker is a small, lightweight electronic device that's placed permanently inside your body to treat a slow heart rhythm. A pacemaker keeps track of your heartbeat, and when necessary generates electrical signals similar to the heart's natural signals to keep your heart beating at the right speed. Lifelong, regular checkups help make sure that your pacemaker continues to run smoothly.

Biventricular Pacemaker Insertion

A biventricular pacemaker is one specific kind of pacemaker that can help heart failure patients feel a lot better. It is called a “biventricular pacemaker” because it “paces” both of the heart's ventricles (pumping chambers) at the same time. Many heart failure patients' hearts don't have all chambers firing at just the right time to beat effectively. Re-timing the beat of some chambers can make your heart function better, which makes you feel better.

A New and an Old Pacemaker (circa 1970s)