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Women's & Children's Services

Women's & Children's Services

Elliot Hospital Maternity Center FAQ's

Where do I park?
All parking is free at Elliot Hospital. You are welcome to utilize the parking spots out front of the hospital’s main entrance, or if you are using our Emergency Department (ED), the parking spots by that entrance are for your use as well. There is also a parking garage that is available, however the breezeway connecting it to the hospital is for staff-use only at this time. Valet parking is available at the main entrance on weekdays from 8AM – 4PM.

Maternity Parking

2. Which entrance should I use?
You should utilize our main entrance if you are coming in for a non-urgent reason such as induction, full term labor or scheduled cesarean section. You should use our Emergency Department (ED) entrance if you are coming in for an urgent/emergent situation such as preterm labor, vaginal bleeding, elevated blood pressure or severe headache. If you use the ED entrance for a pregnancy-related issue at >20 weeks gestation you will be brought directly to Labor and Delivery for immediate care and not triaged in the ED.

3. Is there someplace for my visitor(s) to sleep? What amenities are in our room?
Yes! Your labor room will have either a daybed or a recliner for your support person. Your postpartum room on our maternity unit has a day bed equipped with sheets, blankets and a pillow providing a sleeping area for 1 visitor. Your postpartum room will also have a small refrigerator for your use. Both of our units have kitchenettes to supply you and your support person with beverages and light snacks throughout your stay. Admitted patients will order food directly to their room during their stay, and support people are welcome to use our cafeteria.

4. Do I need to pre-register?
It is very helpful if you are able to pre-register. To do so, just call (603) 663-5663 anytime Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM. They will need our insurance information (so please have your card handy), as well as your due date and OB/GYN practice. It is most helpful if you are able to do this 1 month prior to your expected delivery. It is a very brief 5-10 minute conversation.

5. What is the average length of stay after delivery?
The average length of stay after is 2 nights for a vaginal delivery and 3 nights for those who have a cesarean section.

6. When do we have to choose a pediatrician for our baby?
Ideally, you should be thinking of pediatrician offices for your baby during your pregnancy. If you have not chosen one by the time your baby makes their arrival, a pediatrician from our on-call practice will round on your baby while in the hospital. (This will also be the case if you have chosen a practice that does not currently see babies while inpatient at Elliot Hospital.) You will need to choose a pediatrician by the time of discharge so that we can ensure your baby has appropriate follow-up care and their records can be sent to the office you have chosen.

7. What can I do if I have additional questions?
Reach out to us! We are currently offering virtual Learn to Labor and Learning to Care For and Feed Your New Baby classes, or you can email us with any additional questions at