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Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
Women's & Children's Services

Women's & Children's Services

Pediatric/Adolescent Center

Elliot Hospital treats more pediatric patients than any other non-teaching hospital in Northern New England, and is the only Pediatric/Adolescent Center in Greater Manchester.

Our staff provides exceptional care to children and families through a network of inpatient, outpatient, and community programs, and continually strives for excellence. A child’s well-being is dependent upon the understanding and participation of the family those who surround, love, care for, and have primary responsibility. Our staff values families as central to children’s health, and are committed to supporting them in this vital role.

The Pediatric/Adolescent Center at Elliot Hospital has a 17 bed capacity. We care for ill and injured children year round, with an average of 925 patients per year. Whimsical paintings and colorful decorations help make the unit more inviting for children and their families.

Learn more about Families, Play and see our Patient Rooms.

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FAMILY… a vital part of a child’s health, well being, and piece of mind. Having a child hospitalized can be very stressful; we encourage a parent to room in and for family and friends to visit (if appropriate and during visiting hours). For safety, other children/siblings Visiting must be supervised by an adult at all times.

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PLAY… we have a playroom full of toys, games, books, puzzles and other activities for all ages. Toys can be taken to your child’s room. Play is a good way for children to deal with the stressors of being in the hospital and is an important part of development. Reading can also be very comforting and help pass the time for our young patients. VCR’s, videos, and video games, may be available as well.

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PATIENT ROOMS… many of our rooms are private and all are equipped as appropriate to accommodate our wide range of patients’ ages and sizes and needs. Each room has a bed and/or crib as needed. We have special rooms for monitoring and safety as needed. We have high chairs, baby swings, infant seats, strollers, and baby bathtubs to help make things easier when caring for the little ones.

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